Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wishing everyone a illuminous Diwali

A wonderful long festive weekend here in India filled with bright diyas (lamps), home made sweets, rangolis (powdered decorative designs) and the arrival of Mr. Obama himself with an entourage of 3000 people (OMG!) calls for a very happening time here. Reports of the Obama trip costing 200 mil per day seems to suggest the US administration needs to take some lessons in economic austerity. Hopefully it translates to a win-win for all the countries he visits.

I've almost bordered on entirely losing the plot since the past couple of days, though I did manage to open my 'accounts' on several bschool application websites and list a barrage of documents that I need to scan. Reaching out to  my recommenders is not turning out to be an easy task for me. They all have their own schedules and work loads and I am almost apologetic to ask for their time inspite of them being gracious about it.

Essay factory has begun production. The scope and statement of work has been defined. The timelines are set. The work distribution is ongoing. The schedule tracking to start post Diwali. So the tempo is about to be set. Picked up the most common why MBA topic to write about. The book has been a great reference point for me. Hopefully it translates into some calls to interview. Fitting such a lot of content in 900 words (and I've seen a few other schools imposing even frugal word counts) is a real tough nut to crack. After my first draft, I re-read the book's chapter on the why MBA essay topic and picked up some more things to add. But where is the space to add! My first draft was already overboard by 150 words!God bless me....(sigh).

A Very happy Diwali to you all !

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