Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GMAT retake study - CR strategy

Far too many distractions these days with the festival period on in India. A much needed vacation with family, during which my father re-united with his engineering college mates after 40 years, was great fun. But now I've really lost track of my schedule for my GMAT retake.

Just done with my Critical reasoning. This time I've actually studied strategies for it, rather than blind attempts solving the CR puzzles. I think I've increased my understanding of what to focus on and improved my accuracy.

Book to recommend, which someone recommended in the forums, is the Powerscore's GMAT critical reasoning bible. I think its to CR what Manhattan SC guide is to SC sections.
For each question, it breaks down :-

  • how to distinguish between the premise and main conclusion and secondary conclusion in the stimulus
  • what to focus on in the stimulus for each question type
  • what to consider out of scope and what is not out of scope for each type of question
  • what are the many answer choices that seem tempting for each question type, that are actually wrong.
I will be going through the OG 12 sample questions entirely today and hope to start the SC review.

On a lighter note, I've posted a snap here that I clicked at night. That's the moon, if you couldn't figure it out, making the @ symbol. 


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