Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting done with a chore : TOEFL

Giving the TOEFL exam is a chore. Sitting for 4 hours craning in a cramped cubicle may seem like a small deal, considering you don't really need to study for it, right?. Spending $165 for a test to prove my skills on a language which I think in, spent my entire education using as my language of instruction and to top it having worked in the UK a couple of times, is really ridiculous.

Most of the top schools really dont ask you for a TOEFL test. Darden for example says that it believes Indian students speak very coherently and are high calibre (albeit need to slow down) and does not ask Indian students to give TOEFL scores. As you go to schools a little lower in the rankings, but still very good schools, they definitely expect you to report scores. No waivers please.

Another interesting thing is that the score is valid only for 2 years. I mean does one suddenly forget how to speak,read, write a language after 2 years? Ludicrous.

PS : After all this rant, I hope I get a good score (whatever that is !)

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